Admin DID Management

Updating DID Management


Step 1.


Find out the domain reference number:


curl -u admin:pass GET -D - http://<PBX_IP_ADD_OR_DOMAIN_NAME>/rest/system/domaininfo


Step 2.


Once you get the domain ID, go inside the domain and find IDs of (all) the accounts as follows:


curl -u admin:pass GET -D - http://<PBX_IP_ADD_OR_DOMAIN_NAME>/rest/domain/<DOMAIN_NAME>/users


Step 3.


Find the trunk IDs inside each domain as follows:


curl -u admin:pass GET -D - http://<PBX_IP_ADD_OR_DOMAIN_NAME>/rest/domain/<DOMAIN_NAME>/domain_trunks


Step 4.


Now you have all the domain, trunk and account IDs, now to assign the DIDs to them:


curl -u admin:pass -D - http://<PBX_IP_ADD_OR_DOMAIN_NAME>/rest/system/did -X POST -d "{'cmd': 'add', 'did': '444444', 'dom':'88', 'user':'1577', 'outbound':'true', 'trunk':'191'}"